You've been thinking about it for a long time. And now you have decided you are going to do it -- you're going to get a multi-engine rating. You know it will be expensive, particularly in today's flight environment. But did you know that doing your initial training in the sim has many advantages, not the least of which is to save you a considerable amount of money? Look at a comparison of the estimated cost of obtaining a multi-engine rating entirely in a plane as opposed to doing the first few hours in a sim.

There are also other advantages to learning all the procedures in the sim before transferring to a plane. You will learn to handle engine failures at very low altitudes, something that could never be done in a plane due to safety considerations.

On your multi-engine checkride you will be expected to demonstrate mastery of the plane in many different areas.

  • All normal procedures
    • Normal start and run-up
    • Takeoff, climb, cruise, descent and landing
    • Short-field procedures, both take-off and landing
    • Air work, including steep turns, stalls, and slow flight
    • Handling turbo-chargers, if applicable
  • Emergency procedures, including loss of an engine
    • Loss of engine on the takeoff roll
    • Loss of engine at low altitude (climb-out)
    • Shut down one engine and feather prop
    • Emergency descent
    • Unfeather prop and air restart of engine
    • Fuel cross-feeding procedures
  • Specialized multi-engine procedures
    • Vmc demo
    • Drag demo
  • If instrument privileges are desired
    • Instrument approach with simulated engine-out

All of the procedures can be mastered in the sim, in a much safer and far less expensive learning environment. Then, after six hours or so in the sim, you can transition to the plane knowing all the procedures. Sim training for the multi-engine rating makes a lot of sense, not only in terms of safety but also in saving a considerable amount of money.

And after you have passed your checkride, come back periodically for recurrent training. It's a great way to keep your multi-engine skills fresh and sharp.

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