Mark Calabria

Mark Calabria began ground school in 1991 and flight training in 1992. He now has over 2,500 hours total time and flies for Mesaba Airlines.

Mark recalls one of his favorite flights was from Kalispell, MT to Spotted Bear, MT and then back to Kalispell. He flew north, high above Glacier National Park. On the return trip he flew low over the Hungry Horse reservoir. He said the flight was better than anything out of National Geographic, and it was also his first exposure to mountain flying.

In talking about the Elite sim, he points out that time and money are the two most obvious advantages to training in it. Safety is also improved because it allows you to do some things that would be unnecessarily risky in an aircraft. Time associated with preflight inspection, flying out to the practice area, and going back for another approach are all eliminated. Additionally the ability to freeze the sim and review the actual flight path is invaluable.

His favorite airplane, although he has never flown one, is the Rockwell Shrike Commander. He grew up watching Bob Hoover fly one. As for as his favorite fantasy airplane, he says so many planes, so little time.

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