The rate on the legacy (six-pack) sim is $55 per hour plus MAC tax, which is effectively 1.20%. The rate on the G1000 sim is $70/hour plus MAC tax. There is no block time rate, but there is a "frequent flyer" program which allows you to earn free time in the sim.

Time in the sim is scheduled by appointment. In order to log your training in the sim, you must work with an instructor. Instructors are independent contractors and set their own rates.

Because of the capability of the sim to instantly move to any location and restore the desired flight enviroment, it is vastly more efficient than training in a plane. A rough estimate is that about three times as much can be accomplished in a sim per given time period as can be accomplished in a plane for the same time period. And I have yet to see a plane with a freeze button in it!

Use of the sim can significantly reduce the cost of obtaining a new rating as well as currency and recurrent training. To highlight the savings the sim brings to aviation training, we have estimated the cost of several training scenarios, with and without the sim.

  • The private pilot rating
  • The initial instrument rating
  • Instrument Currency and IPC
  • Initial multi-engine rating
  • Recurrent training
  • Look through some of the cost comparisons, and you will see that irrespective of your aviation goal, the sim is a very cost-effective tool.

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