Linda Dowdy

In Memory of Linda Dowdy

Linda Dowdy had a passion for aviation that never subsided. On August 13, 2012 she made her final journey. She will be greatly missed, and she will always be remembered

Linda started flying in 1987, an activity she cheerfully refered to as middle-age madness. After some 25 years later, she had 4000 hours of flight time, including 1,900 hours of multi-engine time. The later years she didn't fly much, preferring to concentrate on sim training. Between sims and planes she had given more than 4,500 hours of dual instruction. She held CFI, CFII, MEI and ATP ratings. Linda was also the Minnesota Flight Instructor of the Year for 2008 and was a FAAST team representative.

Linda retired from Unisys in 2001, where she worked as a systems programmer for their mainframe systems. She was formerly chief flight instructor for Knowlton Flight Instruction Services at Anoka (KANE), but resigned in 2006 in order to start Sim Flite Minnesota.

In March of 2003, Linda was designated a Master Flight Instructor by NAFI, (National Association of Flight Instructors). The designation of Master Flight Instructor is held by fewer than 600 flight instructors world-wide and must be renewed every two years. Linda had held this designation continuously since 2003. She also enjoyed mentoring new flight instructors.

Linda's favorite plane was her Piper Twin Comanche, which she had owned since 1993.

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