The exciting news at Sim Flite Minnesota is the addition of a G1000 sim. After numerous delays, it is here and operational. The new sim is a C172-specific G1000 cockpit, and indeed is an exact replica of a G1000 C172. The autopilot is the integrated Garmin 700. It is of course WAAS capable.

The C172 provides a great platform for learning the G1000. It is a simple airplane to fly, so the maximum amount of time can be devoted to learning the G1000 suite. Irrespective of platform, the button pushing and "knobology" of the G1000 is pretty much the same. So whether you are flying a C172, a Beech Baron, a Cirrus Perspective, or your own personal jet, if it is equipped with a G1000, this is the ideal place to learn how to operate the G1000. Additionally one of the very nice features of this G1000 sim is the instructor can sit inside with the student (see picture below). This makes it far easier to teach this avionics suite.

The absolute fidelity to the C172 G1000 cockpit was the deciding factor in selecting the C172-specific model. The G1000 sim is a great addition to Sim Flite Minnesota. But of course the non-glass "six pack" sim is still in business and will continue to provide a wonderful and highly flexible training platform.

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