More and more planes today are equipped with autopilots, from a simple wing leveler model to highly capable units that have altitude preselect and can fly a coupled approach. If the airplane is so equipped, the instrument student today will be expected to know how to fly an approach using the autopilot.

Autopilots make a flight much easier, and pilots today should know how to effectively use one. The autopilot is a cockpit resource that is often overlooked. Learn how to effectively use the KAP 150 autopilot in the sim. The sim also includes a KFC 150 Flight Director, which is the KAP 150 autopilot that incorporates a flight director. You can learn not only how to use the autopilot but also how the autopilot and flight director can work with the navigation equipment to create a smooth partnership for cruise flight as well as approaches.

With the arrival of the G1000 sim, you will also be able to learn the integrated Garmin 700 autopilot. And for flight instructors, knowing the automation of today's aircraft gives you a very marketable skill. The sim is a great tool for learning this technology.

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