Maybe a Falcon 50 isn't in your immediate future, but Sim Flite Minnesota can definitely help you get ready for an upcoming interview. Perhaps you've spent the last two years cruising around the traffic pattern in a venerable C152 or even worse, you are a victim of the economic downturn and were furloughed from a flying job. And now you have an interview coming up, and you sure don't want to blow your chances of getting back in the cockpit.

Many of the regionals use sims for the flight portion of their interview. The aircraft model is often a piston twin, such as a Seneca or Baron. The flight profile generally is not difficult. A typical interview scenario consists of normal takeoff, some airwork, track to a VOR and enter a hold, fly a DME arc to an ILS approach and land. But if you haven't been keeping your instrument skills up, you might be in need of some intense "rust removal". Also maybe you haven't flown a sim in a while, so you need to get your sim skills back in good shape.

We can help get your ready for your interview. The sim has a Seneca III as well as a Baron (BE-58) multi-engine models. Or if you need some serious work in a turboprop, we can put you into the B200 King Air model. In addition the sim can bring up any approach in the continental U.S., so you can practice the same approaches you will be asked to do on the interview. Give yourself the very best chance of passing that interview, and the sim can help you do it.

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