Tony Loeks

As long as he can remember, Tony Loeks has wanted to fly. As a kid he loved taking trips to the airport and reading everything he could find about airplanes. His father was a big influence in his life, taking him to the airport and to the Sun Country hangar.

Tony started flying on a regular basis at the age of 15 and soloed at 16. He received his private pilot license at 17 and his commercial license by age 18. By the time he was 19, he had added all the instructor ratings (CFI, CFII and MEI) to his list of accomplishments.

Recently Tony was hired as a volunteer fire fighter for the city of North St. Paul and really enjoyed the classes and experience. In addition to flying, Tony enjoys fishing, traveling, sports, photography and generally just being outdoors.

Tony has nearly 400 hours of flight time now, with 190 hours of that being multi-engine time. In addition to his fire fighter duties, Tony works as a flight instructor at the Anoka airport.

Tony's goals are to continue flight instructing and gain experience and flight time. He is unsure of his long-term goals but flying is definitely a part of it. His favorite fantasy airplane is the Boeing 727 and his favorite real-life airplane is the Beechcraft Duchess.

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