The instructors at Sim Flite Minnesota have had considerable experience in preparing pilots for Part 135 checkrides. The minimum requirements for Part 135 PIC of an aircraft under IFR are:

  • Hold at least a commercial license
  • Must hold an instrument rating or an ATP license for airplane
  • 1200 hours total time
  • 500 hours cross-country
  • 75 hours instrument, either hood and/or actual, of which 50 hours must be in actual flight
  • 100 hours night

And although FAR 135.243(c)(1)-(3) doesn't specify anything about the class of airplane, most Part 135 operations require at a certain amount of time in multi-engine airplanes.

It has proven very successful to train pilots for a Part 135 checkride using the sim. A Part 135 checkride requires the pilot to be sharp on both instrument and multi-engine skills. The sim is a cost-effective way to prepare pilots for a Part 135 checkride.

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