Jack Shelton with his dad

Jack Shelton started flying in 1983, at age 16. He now has over 2500 hours total time, including 250 hours logged as flight surgeon time in Air Force jets. He has given more than 900 hours of dual instruction. His ratings include CFII for both single-engine and multi-engine, as well as ATP for single-engine. He is also the president and founder of North Star Flyers, a flying club based at Anoka.

When asked about his favorite flight, he couldn't pick just one. He particularly enjoys packing the family into his pristine C182, N2355R, and going on vacations in the southeast part of the U.S.

When asked about the Elite sim, he commented that it was one of the most flexible he had seen, and he's had a lot experience with sims. He pointed out that the sim is great for exploring situations that could not be safely duplicated in flight or that are rare enough to not be found in actual flight very often. These can be practiced to proficiency in a way that's impossible to do in a real airplane.

His favorite fantasy airplane is the P-61 Black Widow, which his father flew as a crewman in the Philippines. His favorite real-world airplane is N2355R, his C182.

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