Devan Shepherd

Devan's passion for flying began in a vintage Cessna rigged for skydiving, in the 1970's - yes he jumped many times out of a perfectly good airplane. Much later, he became a flight instructor, not to build hours and move on to an aviation career, but rather to share a love of flying. In his day job, he owns and operates XMaLpha Technologies, a successful software development, consulting, and training company. Whenever possible, he prefers to travel in his own airplane (currently a 2006 Cessna Turbo 182T with G1000) to visit customers.

Devan is a published author, with articles and books on computer and business topics. He teaches regularly at the University of Minnesota, St. Paul College, and in the aviation program at Academy College. In his spare time, Devan is an occasional journey director for, where he gets the opportunity to combine exploration with a passion for flying.

When asked about sim training, Devan said: "I really enjoy training with the sim, because not only is it cheaper and faster for the student, but it also promotes safety. In the sim, I can give students in-flight failures and weather conditions that help build effective responses and experience, by exposure to a variety of situations. The airlines have long used simulation and repetitive/recurrent training for many years, and their safety records reflect the benefits."

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