Deb Thompson

Even as young girl, Deb Thompson always looked up every time a plane flew overhead. And she knew she wanted to fly. She remembers getting to visit a cockpit once on a commercial flight and was fascinated. When they handed out the Junior Stewardess Wings, she was disappointed - she wanted the Junior Pilot Wings! Deb now has over 1300 hours of flight time, including 180 hours of multi-engine time. She holds CFI and CFII for both single-engine and multi-engine aircraft. Deb is currently employed by Delta Airlines, where she works as an ATI (aircrew training instructor).

Her favorite flying experience was a trip to New Brunswick, Canada, with Linda Dowdy in Linda's Piper Twin Comanche.

The advantages she sees in using the sim is the ability to freeze it in the middle of an approach, hold, or other scenario in order to discuss the procedure with the pilot. Many more procedures can be accomplished in the same period of time than in the aircraft. Emergencies - things you would never do in the actual airplane can be safely practiced. And no chilly/wet preflights either! Deb also commented that the plane she currently flies does not have a GPS, so the sim is giving her a chance to fly with and learn the Garmin 430.

Her favorite fantasy airplane is any airliner, and her favorite real world airplane is the Beechcraft Duchess.

[Deb wrote a nice article about her experiences with the sim. You can read it at "Inside the Box".]

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