Recently a short video clip of sim in action was put up on the website. It has been such a success that more video clips are being planned.

But for now you can watch this first 30-second video clip of the sim in action, with one of our instructors, Deb Thompson, flying the ILS-10R/FCM. You can download either a broadband or dial-up version of the approach and also download the approach plate.

ILS-10R/FCM Windows Media Audio/Video Broadband (2.76 mb)
Windows Media Audio/Video Dial-Up (130 kb)
ILS-10R/FCM Real Media Player Broadband (4.89 mb)
Real Media Player Dial-Up (418 kb)
ILS-10R/FCM approach plate ILS-10R/FCM approach plate (313 kb)

And a big thank you to Bill Tischer for doing this video!

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