Elite G1000 Flight Simulator Training

The G1000 Simulator is an all glass panel simulator and is the best introduction to glass instruments and automated flight. It is equipped with the GFC 700 Autopilot and Flight Director.

With our modern simulators and training from our instructors, SimFlite will help you become a better pilot. Our simulators will give you practical, hands on experience with accurate controls, gauges, and navigation equipment. Instructors will sit side-by-side with you, giving you the training and guidance needed to become an experienced pilot.

Pilots: If you prefer, we can check you out in the simulators, then you can fly solo to work on proficiency or to legally maintain your IFR currency.

CFIs: We will check you out in how to operate the simulators and then you can train your students in our Elite Simulators.


By working with our G1000 Simulator you can learn how to fly a glass cockpit airplane, lower the costs of your flight training, learn how to fly with an Autopilot and Flight Director, and fly instrument approaches to any airport in the U.S. as well as many other countries. Your training can be used to legally maintain IFR Currency, used as an excellent tool to increase your level of instrument proficiency, as well as practice instrument approaches into the airports of any upcoming trip. The G1000 is a good introduction to flying with a G500/G600.

Hours that can be credited towards Certificates and Ratings | Sim Rate $75 hour

Private Pilot Certificates – 2.5 Hours

Instrument Rating – 20 Hours

Commercial Certificates – 50 Hours

ATP Certificates – 25 Hours